Good Health, Well Being

Physiotherapists specialise in injury recovery, but having worked as a Physiotherapist for many years, I have become more and more aware about preventative healthcare.  Mainly trying to help people before they sustain an injury and educating clients about their bodies and enabling them to take control of their future health.

Most patients wish that their injury hadn’t happened.  That they did not have to put up with pain, disturbed sleep or be prevented from undertaking their normal daily activities such as sport or work.  Whilst not every injury is preventable, many conditions that we treat are avoidable.

As we age it also becomes important to consider how we look after our bodies. Improving strength, flexibility and balance in our younger years will have tremendous benefits as we reach our 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.  For example, if you sit hunched over a desk at work, your body is more likely to become fixed in this position causing loss of shoulder and neck flexibility. The first time you may notices this is when you struggle to look over your shoulder when reversing the car. You may notice that it is hard to walk up the stairs one day or feel afraid of falling.

It is also common that people who go to exercise classes, participate in sport or go to the gym, find certain movements or activities cause pain.  You may not have to stop doing the things you enjoy, just learn how to perform the activity in the right way for you.

So what can be done?

As a Physiotherapist we are experts in assessing your body and your need and can create a specific programme for your health and wellbeing.

This can include:

  • Postural education specific for your body-type.
  • Specific stretches, mobility exercises and strengthening.
  • Balance exercises and falls prevention.
  • Reviewing your current exercise programme to ensure that you are not causing any injuries.
  • Ergonomic advice.
  • Breathing re-education for stress reduction and neck pain.

Physiotherapists are not just here for you if you’re in pain.  Having one or two sessions to create your own programme or address your specific needs, is extremely beneficial.

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, contact the Clinic to make an appointment, and optimise your physical health.