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Sharing Our Client’s Review on Progress

Orchard Clinic strives hard to provide a service that really makes a difference, what better way to learn more than hear from one of our Client’s reviews.

We believe this feedback can offer you valuable content and will give you an insight into how Orchard works and why we can make a difference to you.

There’s nothing more frustrating than being restricted by an ongoing injury, and if you are receiving treatment, you want to make sure that treatment is personal to you, to help you fully recover and avoid reoccurrence.  We take the time to make sure the root cause of your problem is addressed, and your treatment is keeping you on track to return to chosen sports and activities.

We’d like to share the case study of one of our valued clients with you, and hope you find this of interest.  David Pontin has been under the care of Kieran Cummins, Orchard Clinic Director, at Orchard since February 2019.


Case History

Anterior Cruciate Ligament

In 2014 David, a keen football player, sustained a rather traumatic and painful football injury which resulted in a torn ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), where the cartilage around the knee had been torn and worn away, and particles of bone had been chipped off within the knee.

This was a very painful injury which left David with an unstable knee.  Keen to overcome this injury, David had a total of 5 arthroscopies with the aim to repairing the joint damage, which unfortunately were all unsuccessful.  David also tried physiotherapy as recommended, but found his knee was still not showing any signs of improvement.  Understandably David was frustrated that he was no further forward on recovering from this injury, so sought a new direction for treatment.

David decided to try a new approach and looked at a different clinic for treatment.   The Fortius Clinic, London, was recommended to David as they are orthopaedic consultants with an excellent reputation in treating knee and other sport related injuries.

As far as he had been previously advised, surgery was not an option suitable for David’s injury as no surgeons were able to offer reconstruction.  However the consultant knee surgeon, Mr Houlihan-Burne, from Fortius Clinic reviewed David’s case and was able to offer reconstruction with a high level of confidence.


The Procedure

Finally feeling more hopeful, David went ahead with the knee reconstruction in February 2019, and was delighted with the successful outcome.   As part of his rehabilitation, the surgeon then recommended David attend Orchard Clinic for treatment, specifically with Kieran who the surgeon knew well, as they had worked together in the past.

David contacted Orchard Clinic and began his physiotherapy care with Kieran.

The operation was a success and the personalised approach to physiotherapy that Kieran gave David, was to play a key part in his road to recovery.

Initially David was still unable to straighten or walk on his leg due to the post operative swelling, the physiotherapy programme looked to control the inflammatory response, which would help to reduce the knee stiffness and improve general muscle strength, range of movement and would in turn gain improved knee stability and return David to his normal movement.

Right from the start Kieran set out clear goals for David to achieve throughout his treatment and provided hands-on sports manual therapy at the sessions to help relieve the post operative pain, which no other physiotherapists had previously offered.

Whenever David experienced pain, Kieran took the time to explain what was happening and would provide manual therapy to the knee due to ongoing swelling, which helped speed up his rehabilitation.

Over the past six months Kieran has steadily increased the amount of exercise that was expected and has been very clear on goals required to allow for full rehabilitation.

David is still attending Orchard Physio Clinic, and though he believes he is not far from discharge, he was given a clear goal right from the start of what he should achieve.

Even when a session requires going back over previous concerns, the goal is to make sure David has a complete recovery, without over exerting himself which could cause further problems.



Just 6 months after the operation, David can now happily run 5K without experiencing any problems, as he has gained full strength back in his knee and is now progressing to multidirectional exercises which are designed to mimic ball sports.

He strongly believes this is due to the quality of the operation and surgeon, but also is from Kieran’s clinical knowledge, expertise and care as a physiotherapist which has been outstanding compared to other treatment he previously received.

David now sees Kieran once every 3 weeks, being able to see him regularly has helped him to make sure he is doing the exercises correctly, and that he is never doing anything that isn’t optimal.

“Kieran didn’t just review and provide a list of exercises each week to follow, he was engaging with me, making sure he went back to root cause of problem and addressing the swelling and cause.  If he didn’t address problem, it wouldn’t have improved.  He is always clear on the exercises, he knows I’ve just turned 30, and he understands I want to push myself, but he keeps me reigned in.”

David Pontin

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