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Staying up to date is really important in Physiotherapy so we regularly undertake Continued Professional Development.

Last Friday I undertook a course at the Edward VII Hospital in London entitled “Lower Limb Tendinopathy Update Course” by a Research Fellow from La Trobe University in Australia called Dr Peter Malliaras. The purpose of this course was to update our knowledge on the current research into the management of 4 tendon injuries in the lower limb. These were the Achilles Tendon (the tendon at the back of the ankle, the Hamstring tendon (the tendon at the back of the thigh attaching to the sitting bone, the Gluteal tendon and Trochanteric Bursa at the side of the hip which is very prevalent in causing hip pain, and finally the Patella Tendon (just below the knee cap).

Gluteus Medius Tendon

Archilles Tendon

Peter outlined his research with both athletes and non athletes. This showed how performing certain exercises in certain positions at particular strengths puts progressive strain on tendons and allows the tendons to adapt and get stronger. This helps decrease patients pain and allow them to return to activity with better muscle strength.

I have treated tendon injuries for many years but this new knowledge has helped me tweak exercise plans I give to patients so I know they will make good recoveries in the shortest amount of time.

I really enjoyed the course, and having the latest research knowledge at your fingertips helps reassure patients they are performing exercises that are proven to help solve their tendon problems.

Peter’s Tendinopathy Rehabilitation blog www.tendinopathyrehab.com/blog

Paul Carnell MSc, BSc (Hons), MMACP, AACP,HPC is the lead Physiotherapist and Clinic Director of Orchard Physiotherapy Clinic.