Following guidance from the Government, healthcare facilities, including Physiotherapy, will remain open for virtual and face to face  physio sessions. Please be reassured that we have very strict measures in place. Our Physio’s have all received their first vaccination, we use PPE and follow strict infection control protocols.

If you have an existing condition and were receiving treatment from us before lockdown, and feel you require face to face treatment, please let us know and we can call you to discuss this.

Please be reassured that we have undertaken a full risk assessment and incorporated the necessary procedures to minimise any potential Covid risk from face to face treatment.


Before Your Appointment

  • You will receive a call from our staff to let you know all the key information you will need.
  • You will be asked questions to screen for Covid 19 symptoms, and be supplied with a consent form, which outlines key safety points which will be undertaken in your session.

On the Day

  • Before you leave the house please ensure you have used the lavatory. Although we have toilet facilities on site, we are trying to minimise use to stop cross infection risks.
  • Please bring water, as no water fountains etc will be used onsite.
  • Please attend the clinic on your own, and leave children and babies at home.
  • Please limit any personal items you bring with you, and arrive changed ready for the session.

Entering the Clinic

  • We ask everyone to wait outside the building, either in your car, or stand socially distancing at the building entrance. Your Physiotherapist will call you and come and collect you, thus avoiding having to wait in a waiting room.
  • You will be asked to bring a face covering with you to wear at all times in the building. You will also be asked to use a hand sanitiser provided by us.
  • Your Physiotherapist will ask you questions to screen for Covid 19 before entering the building.

Your Treatment Session

  • Your treatment will take place as per normal. Your Physiotherapist will be wearing PPE at all times.
  • After each session the room will be fully disinfected, and left for the air to settle for 15 minutes before the next client will enter.
  • Windows will be open to maximise any outside ventilation.

After the Session

  • Our receptionist will contact you afterwards to process payment over the phone and to book your next session.


We hope you feel reassured by the measures we have put in place, and you will feel safe during your visit to Orchard Clinic.

Our receptionist will be happy to deal with any questions you may have regarding Virtual and Face to Face sessions, please call 01727 855414.