Meet Orchards Latest Recruit

Here at Orchard Physiotherapy we are very excited to introduce you to Clive Pereira the latest addition to our team.
Clive will be working at Orchard on Saturday mornings between 8 – 12. He is highly qualified and brings with him a wealth of experience particularly with sports injuries
Clive has kindly provided us with a little bit of background information about himself.

“I trained as a physiotherapist in Perth Australia, graduating in 2004. I moved to the UK from Australia, 9 years ago and I now call St Albans home. I have 14 years’ experience working in private practice for sports medicine clinics in Australia and London, as well as sports clubs including rugby union and Australian Rules football. I completed my masters in sports and exercise medicine at UCL London at the end of 2016.The best part about my job is that I have the opportunity to help clients to return to their daily life activities without pain or return to their sporting interests. I have extensive experience treating injuries of the lower back, hip/groin, knee and ankle. I enjoy treating running, rugby, cycling injuries and post op rehabilitation.
In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit and active and you will find me these days either running up and down the Alban way or cycling the quiet country roads surrounding St Albans. Moving to St Albans gives you a great balance between the outdoor and city life and my wife and I are really pleased to have moved here. Travel is what brought me to the UK and I have never stopped doing so. I love to experience new cultures especially in London itself with all the fascinating museums and historical sites but also ensure a lot of my holidays including hiking, surfing and just generally enjoying the outdoors.”

We would like to take this opportunity welcome Clive to the team. If you like to arrange an appointment to see Clive contact reception on 01727 855414 or email