A patients perspective on what makes treatment at Orchard different

We regularly blog from the perspective of the physiotherapist and thought for a change it would be nice to hear of the of the experiences of one of our regular clients.

Injuries are not only painful and restrictive but are also incredibly frustrating whatever your profession and probably none more so than when you are a professional sports person. Having spent many years practicing and honing reflexes and body movements to excel at your chosen sport, any injury however minor can have massive impact on performance. This combined with the discomfort of having to continue playing in pain means having a physiotherapist you can trust and rely upon is paramount.

Chris Meadows is one such sportsman, a professional golfer.

Having spent his life dedicated to golf, his love and passion for the sport were rewarded when he was made an Advanced Fellow of the Professional Golfers Association. Whether working on golf related projects, tutoring or playing suffering any injury is incredibly intrusive.

One such injury occurred 3 years ago, leaving Chris with pain in his right shoulder and arm, this and the related limitation in movement caused real problems with his swing which is understandably a nightmare for a golfer. The injury meant that Chris needed to wear a compression bandage on his arm and shoulder when playing.

Prior to visiting Paul Carnell at Orchard, Chris had treatment by two other physiotherapists, a shoulder surgeon and had been given a course of steroid injections. Unfortunately, none of these previous treatments had any effect and the pain and restricted movement remained, Chris was beginning to lose hope that this injury could be effectively treated.

His shoulder surgeon recommended that he visit Paul at Orchard and although by this stage Chris didn’t expect any miracles he decided to give it one last shot. Pauls differing approach immediately gave Chris a small glimmer of hope which grew over a period of 3-4 weeks. Chris received hands on treatment to release muscles deep around his shoulder blade which obstructed the shoulder blades natural rotation during movement. Then he was shown how to trick his brain into not using these tight overactive muscles but to connect to the muscle which would create normal shoulder alignment and motion, and therefore prevent rotator tendons from becoming impinged. Slowly but surely after each session the pain was diminishing and gradually the movement was returning.

The joy at being pain free and be able to play golf once more unrestricted and bandage free was the highlight of the treatment but he had also great appreciation for the way in which Paul educated him to understand the reasons behind the injury and the importance of correct motion and alignment so that he could help himself reduce any future risks.
Having also resolved his lower back problems Chris now pays regular visits to Orchard to see Paul, being a sporting professional there are always niggles that need attention. From a forlorn position of pain and frustration he says his body has never felt better, he has found that trusted Physiotherapist .

If you are suffering with a prolonged sporting injury why don’t you contact us to see if we can help, call the  Clinic on 01727 855414 or email info@orchardphysio.co.uk