Osteoporosis Pilates Classes


Pilates classes designed for you


Pilates classes at Orchard Clinic have proved to be very popular.  We believe that having a Physiotherapist running these classes gives great confidence to those attending, that the exercises are carried out in a correct and safe manner suitable for all conditions (see our previous blog ‘Benefits of Clinical Pilates compared to a non-clinical instructor led class’).

But did you realise that Pilates can also be used as a great benefit to those with health conditions or those recovering from an injury?

As Physiotherapists, we are passionate about raising the awareness of this benefit, and at Orchard we hold separate classes for Osteoporosis, Pilates for Over 60’s and 1:1 classes where we can work with you closely if you are recovering from an injury or suffering with a medical condition, to ensure that you only perform exercises that are beneficial to your condition.

Pilates for Osteoporosis

People with Osteoporosis need to attend classes that are specifically designed for their condition, or have an awareness of which exercises must be left out when attending a general Pilates class.  A large portion of exercises in traditional Pilates classes, may not be suitable for someone with Osteoporosis, the class would therefore need to be adapted.

Our Pilates for Osteoporosis classes, concentrate mainly on exercises that work the back, shoulders, legs and hips.   Our aim is to focus on improving strength, flexibility and balance for better joint movement and to help prevent falls.

Pilates exercises can be a hugely beneficial workout for those with low bone density or risk of fracture, as long as the correct exercises are performed.

Pilates exercises can:

  • Strengthen and tone your core muscles including your abdomen, pelvis, back and shoulders, which in turn will help you with posture and balance.
  • Improve your balance which is key in helping to prevent falls, which may result in a bone fracture.
  • Increases your joint mobility and posture, which results in better alignment of your bones and therefore less likely to suffer from muscle spasms in the back or painful trapped nerves.

The classes are held in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  You’ll have the benefit of attending a class where everyone will be experiencing the same boundaries as yourself, helping to make you feel more comfortable and to gain confidence in your own ability.

Pilates for Medical Conditions

Pilates for injuryIf you are suffering from a medical condition such as fluctuating Blood Pressure, or are recovering from an injury, you may be referred by your Physiotherapist to attend a Pilates class to help your condition/recovery.

You may wonder how this would help if you have a medical condition.  On attending a Clinical Pilates session, you will discover your instructor will emphasise the key fundamentals of Pilates which are used in all exercises.

  • They will explain to you how to concentrate on using your deep core muscles
  • They will help you understand how to breath correctly, which will assist the contraction of your muscles and quality of your movements.
  • When carried out correctly, the result of these actions will bring together an improved coordination of your body movements and breathing, which will enhance a better feeling of wellbeing.

At a 1:1 Pilates session, your Clinical Instructor will be able to understand your condition and will tailor the session and exercises to help you gain strength in order to improve your medical condition, or to carry out exercises safely in order to gain a complete recovery from injury.

We hope you have found this of interest, why not come and see for yourself how these classes can help you.

Classes are held throughout the week to help you find a time suitable for you.  Visit our Classes page on our website to find out more.