14th March 2018

Tennis Elbow

How to recognise and treat Tennis Elbow When returning back to gardening after the winter many people start to prune / cut back dead or overgrown plant growth using secateurs. Interestingly enough this is one of the main times in the year we can see an increase in Tennis Elbow injuries caused by pruning activities. […]

16th February 2018

NHS changes to Musculoskeletal Services across West Herts

Are you aware of the changes to the NHS Physiotherapy services across West Herts? Orchard Clinic has been providing NHS physiotherapy for the GP’s and residents of St Albans for the last 25 years.  This originally started when the clinic was based in Orchard House Lane in Holywell Hill and continued after our move to […]

15th February 2018

Lower Limb Tendinopathy Course

What Paul Carnell’s been up to…. Staying up to date is really important in Physiotherapy so we regularly undertake Continued Professional Development. Last Friday I undertook a course at the Edward VII Hospital in London entitled “Lower Limb Tendinopathy Update Course” by a Research Fellow from La Trobe University in Australia called Dr Peter Malliaras. […]

28th January 2018

Pilates for Osteoporosis

New Pilates Class for 2018 What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a condition in which bones lose their strength and are more likely to break, usually following a minor bump or fall.  Fractures (broken bones) that occur because of reduced bone strength are commonly known as fragility fractures.  They are most common in the wrist, hip […]

19th January 2018

Common Running Injuries – Helpful Hints and Exercises

Running Injuries Orchard Clinic has been involved in setting up the London Marathon Injury Service and has vast experience in treating runners of all different abilities. We recognise the strains running can place on your body, so we have put together this article to help you recognise common injuries and the best way to help […]

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